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ADJ If someone is violent, or if they do something that is violent, they use physical force or weapons to hurt, injure, or kill other people. 暴力的

violently ADV 暴力地 [ADV with v]

ADJ A violent event happens suddenly and with great force. 猛烈的

violently ADV 剧烈地 [ADV with v]

ADJ If you describe something as violent, you mean that it is said, done, or felt very strongly. 强烈的

violently ADV 强烈地

ADJ A violent death is painful and unexpected, usually because the person who dies has been murdered. 暴力引起的

violently ADV 谋杀性地 [ADV with v]

ADJ A violent movie or television programme contains a lot of scenes that show violence. 多暴力场景的 (电影或电视节目)

violent crime 暴力犯罪,暴力罪行

violent death 暴力死亡;横死

violent storm 暴风;十一级风

violent earthquake 大地震;强烈地震

Man is not inherently violent.


He has a history of violent crime.


Violent crime is not limited to big cities.


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