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trigger(触发器)是个特殊的存储过程,它的执行不是由程序调用,也不是手工启动,而是由个事件来触发,比如当对一个表进行操作( insert,delete, update)时就会激活它执行。

触发器经常用于加强数据的完整性约束和业务规则等。 触发器可以从 DBA_TRIGGERS ,USER_TRIGGERS 数据字典中查到。

Active Trigger Units for Power Thyristor equipment

Reduced Costs

- Requires no gate drive power

- Triggers any thyristor*

- Reduced printed circuit board cost due to its small footprint and the elimination of the gate drive power


- Fully tested product

- Simplifies logistics as it triggers any size thyristor*


- Reduces the control card size because of its small footprint and the absence of a gate drive power supply

Simple Design

- Replaces many traditional components

High Reliability

- Superior electrical isolation

- Performs well in very harsh industrial environments

High Performance

- Handles any inductive or high di/dt load due to powerful gate pulse

Trends in the marketplace

- Supports the trend away from magnetics using the latest technology

-Controlled Recitifiers

-AC Controllers

-DC Motor Control

-For low cost AC Controllers

-Zero-crossing switching applications



-Power factor correction

-Solid State relays from 2A -2kA

-For triggering a single Thyristor where the control circuitry is far removed from the Thyristors

-e.g. in electrostatic precipators and electrowinning rectifiers


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