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The Ascension

《The Ascension》是Bloodbath演唱的歌曲,所属专辑《Nightmares Made Flesh》。

Behold, the moon is hiding in theclouds

The night is silent, a world in fear

A million days since he was buried in the sea

He will riseagain, his demon spirit will be free

We summon thee oh mighty one

Master can you hear our calls

We'll die for you oh lord of death

We await the day when the curtain of night

Will fall and never rise

The dead shall rise again

Pleasure turn to pain

The Ascension

Nothing will survive

Hell shall come alive

The Ascension

Demise, the sun is dying in the sky

The ground is shaking, the end is near

All the restless souls

From the universe below will rise again

Let the eternal misery begin

Ressurection Through Carnage

Breeding Death

In eternal darkness

Death shall live forevermore

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