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the one that got away(P!nk 单曲)

P!nk 第四张专辑《I'm Not Dead》中的歌曲。


Mmmm mm yeah
  Oh oh
  I stood by the exit door of the hotel cafe
  He was playing with his band
  I've always been a sucker had a weakness for a boy
  With a guitar and a drink in his hand
  His words were like heaven in my hurricane
  My knees buckled under
  I thought everyone was watching me
  Watching you save my life with the song
  You were mine
  In the back of my mind
  Oh just for one night
  Just for a while
  There's always one that gets away
  The one that sneaks up on you that slips away
  Two weeks later I was sitting in his apartment
  He was making cappuchino
  I said what kind of man makes cappuchino
  We laughed
  We laughed til tears ran down my face
  Oh but my man you're someone elses man
  And that aint the man that I want
  But you keep drawing me in
  With those big brown lion eyes
  You'll always be mine
  Oh we had a night
  Just a little wine
  In a closed off corner of my heart
  Yeah yeah yeah yeah
  I'll always see your face
  The one that got away
  Oh the one that got away
  Yeah yeah
  Oh oh oh oh
  I'm not a victim of cliches
  I don't believe in soul mates
  Happy endings only one
  Oh and I met you and all that changed
  I had a taste and you're still sitting on the tip of my tongue
  Somewhere in time
  I'll look for you first
  In my next life
  Slips away
  I I'll always see your face
  Oh oh yeah

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