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wind turbine

wind turbine是一种将风能转化为电能的装置,可分为两类:水平轴风力机(HAWT)和垂直轴风力机(VAWT)。

wind turbine

an equipment which translate wind power to electrical energy,it can be divided into two categories——Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)and vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT).

wind turbine manufactory

Shanghai Aeolus Windpower Technology Co., Ltd. (SAWT) is an innovative company engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of vertical axis wind turbines. We entered Shanghai in 2005 and began systematic research in aerodynamics, generators, materials and structures of VAWT. We will change the industrial structure and pattern of the world wind power industry.

FDM-0.2-100KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Brief Introduction

1. Description And Usage:

1 .1 Description:

FDM 0.2-100KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(V.A.W.T) system is an advanced Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(V.A.W.T) System ( Patent No.200420081310 ) of efficient and nice-looking. The set-up power is from 200W to 100KW. The vane is made on the principle of the wing of the aircraft while the structure is made on the principle of vertical wirlwind which is of the advantage of no influence caused by the winddirection. This efficiency of electric energy production is 18% higher than the horizontal wirlwind generator being used at present. This system is of a position-fixed system, hence the electricity transmiission wire will not be stranded in operation. Such system is of a silent VAWT, thus makes it possible to be installed at any places including in some bad locations like on the roof of the house, on the boat, in the snow area and on the lighthouse and in the sea or river area. Such system is developed to replace the old system used at present. The old system is of the horizontal wirlwind. In operation the face of the vane of such old system is heavily pressured by the strong wind which will easily cause the vane deformed and which will definitely cause the heavy noise and the reduction of the turn speed and the deficierncy of electric energy production.

1.2 Usage :

This FDM 0.2-100KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(V.A.W.T) System can supply the power for the army and the civilian. It is useful to the army telecommunication, family daily use, school life, moterology and hydrology work, microwavee telecommunication, navigation mark, railway signal, advertising board, roof light and roof view light, villa light and boats. For example, 5KW system can produce enough power for one of the following units: a battaloon, 5 families, a middle school, a middle-size telecommunication post, a maintenance squad, a big-size boat etc..

Area: In China, all the provinces except the provinces of Si Chuan, Hu Nan, Hu Bei and He Nan, are of more than 2000 hours of widy days annually which makes this system workable. Note: Annual power of 1 KW means 2000 units of electricity generated, 3KW neans 6000 units, 5KW means 10000 units and 10 KW neans 20000 units and above.

2. Main Feature And Technical Specification:

Efficient in electric energy producing; Noisy-free; Low starting wind speed; Strong in wind-resistance; No stranding on the electric wire; Nice-looking; Sufficient handed and mechanical brake system; Workable under any bad environment; Suitable to be used on movable boats and No any requirenment on the wind direction Type: 200W/48V; 100KW/220V,690V , Starting wind-speed: 2.5m/s Working wind-speed: 2.5-35m/s Brake system: at 36m/s by handed or automatic electric brake Max. permissible instantaneous wind speed: 60m/s

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